Seeing A City Through the Lens of a Photography Tour

Pangolin Launches Cape Town Photo Tours. Photo Courtesy of Pangolin

Cape Town Photo Tours offers guests access to more than just tourist spots. Photo Courtesy of Cape Town Photo Tours.

Taking photos while on vacation is among the highlights for many travelers. It allows us to see our experiences through the eye of a lens but it also creates memories we can re-live long after the trip ends. Apart from the obvious tourist spots we want to see and photohgraph while traveling (yes, we all have a photo of the Eiffel Tower if we’ve been to Paris or the Sydney Opera House if we’ve been to Sydney), often it’s the images of local life, the food or the buildings that capture the real flavor of a trip.

Photography is important to us for many reasons and we love it when tour operators understand that aspect of the travel experience and help show us the more of less “undiscovered” parts of their cities. Pangolin Photo Safaris of Botswana has recently launched tours specifically to help its guests shoot some of the best part of Cape Town as part of its safari itinerary called Cape Town Photo Tours.

According to the marketing director and co-owner Toby Jermyn, who is based in Cape Town, the company couldn’t find a local operator who could offer exclusive tours to the most iconic photo locations, at the right time of day in a small and like-minded guided group. So, it decided to offer it themselves as an add-on to their itineraries.

“Photographers have very specific needs” admits Jermyn. “The response so far has been amazing from tourists and locals alike. Everyone brings a camera on holiday but so often they don’t know how to use it. These tours are not designed to be a photo course in a day but at least to show clients a few hints and tips to make their images that much more engaging and interesting to see whether taken from a state of the art camera or simply their smartphone.”

The groups intentionally are kept small (12 max) and there is always a photo guide and a driver onboard. The guide is there to teach fundamental photographic techniques along the way for guests wanting to learn the basics. For more advanced photographers, not being rushed from place to place is a bonus and the Cape Town Photo Tours spend longer in most places than other tours to accommodate them.
Through a sponsorship with Samsung, guests are able to use a Samsung NX300 Mirrorless digital camera during the tours free of charge through Cape Town Photo Tours.

Offering photo tours isn’t unique but we love to highlight them nonetheless because it reminds us of the beauty each city offers.

Which photos are among your favorites when you return from vacation?

Megy Karydes is founder of Wandering Tastes, a lifestyle and travel site that is meant to inspire adventure and exploration through traveling and food. She’s also a regular contributor to,  part of the USA Today Travel family, as Foodie TravelingMom and writes for several other print magazines and online media outlets.

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