Cycling Italy’s Middle Ages: Lucca to Pisa

Touring the city by bicycle in Italy. Photo courtesy of VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations.

Touring the city by bicycle in Italy. Photo courtesy of VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations.

How do you enjoy seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of a new city? Walking, bus tours or biking? I’m a big fan of bicycling vacations because you get to cover more ground and feel like you’re seeing the city from a local’s perspective.

Last year I seriously considered doing a tour with VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations in Italy but my plans changed and I booked a trip to Cyprus to ride in the Tour of Cyprus. Which, sadly, changed again and got stuck in Germany (long story).

I just learned that VBT is adding a new bicycling vacation in the northwest corner of Tuscany: Cycling Italy’s Middle Ages: Lucca to Pisa. Six departures begin starting this fall on September 7.  

Among the tour highlights are traveling to Pisa and Lucca, as well as more off-the-beaten track destinations such as Montecatini and Vicopisano. Through the tour, you’ll also be able to experience local culture through fun off-the-road experiences such as home-hosted meals, museum visits, guided tours and unique accommodations.

  • Enjoy a prepared lunch with descendants of the Ginori Lisci family, of the world-famous Italian housewares brand. Lunch will be served on the manicured grounds of the Ginori villa.
  • Cycle along undulating rivers, through quaint villages and even atop Lucca’s famous city walls.
  • Discover the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa.
  • Museums are often a highlight of many trips and this one is no different. Visit the Leonard da Vinci museum as part of your tour.

Bike tours aren’t new and you can certainly plan your own for any of your trips. For those who prefer to travel in groups, may feel better being with others who speak the language or want to hit up some spots they may not have discovered on their own, bicycle tours are a great alternative.

Megy Karydes is founder of Wandering Tastes, a lifestyle and travel site that is meant to inspire adventure and exploration through traveling and food. She’s also a regular contributor to,  part of the USA Today Travel family, as Foodie TravelingMom and writes for several other print magazines and online media outlets.

4 thoughts on “Cycling Italy’s Middle Ages: Lucca to Pisa

    • Is there a specific age group that participates in these tours? The reason I ask is because I was talking with a friend about the tour (he’s a hard-core, long distance cyclist) and he thought such tours would be like riding with her grandparents. I didn’t get that impression but if you’re a hard-core cyclist, I’m not sure this kind of tour would be your thing anyway, right?

      • Our group varied in age from early 20’s to early 70’s. Most of us were average, run of the mill cyclists. We had 4 young avid cyclists in the group. The nice thing was they had different routes depending on what you wanted to do. Our group usually did the 25-35 mile routes while the younger, avid cyclists would do the 60-70 mile routes. All of us had a great time.

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