What Your Coffee Says About You

What Your Coffee Says About You

What Your Coffee Says About You

As a coffee lover (ok, coffee addict may be more like it), I found this post about what my coffee preference says about my personality funny. Recently, I learned what my candy choices said about me when Candyality‘s Candy Specialist critiqued by candy favorites.

The verdict? I’m an iced coffee fan and often have to take my coffee to go because I’m constantly running around. Therefore, according to this post, I’m assertive and outspoken and serious and focused. HA!

What does your coffee choices say about you according to this post?

Megy Karydes is founder of Wandering Tastes, a lifestyle and travel site that is meant to inspire adventure and exploration through traveling and food. She’s also a regular contributor to 10best.com which is part of the USA Today Travel family and TravelingMom.com as Foodie TravelingMom among other print magazines and online media outlets.

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