Shop Fair Trade This Valentine’s Day ~ Bombshell Collection from Shopanthropic

Bombshell Collection; photo courtesy of Shopanthropic

Bombshell Collection; photo courtesy of Shopanthropic

Traveling with a loved one is among the most romantic experiences, in my opinion, because it allows you to enjoy the moment in a way that is hard to do when you come home after a full day of work, go through bills and get lunch ready for the kids the next day. An exclusive Supper Club dinner in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, or dining al fresco in Rome, Italy, sounds decadent anytime of the year but even more so around Valentine’s Day.

If international travel isn’t an option, there are still ways to share your love of global travel by treating your love to an ethically-made and fair trade gift. This Valentine’s Day, fair trader Shopanthropic is offering a 35 percent discount on its entire collection, including its gorgeous Bombshell Collection, through February 14 when “globallove” is added at checkout. It’s part of its “GlobalLove campaign and meant to introduce ethical and fair trade gift giving as an option during this holiday.

Its Bombshell Collection features six unique pieces made of various recycled materials including bombshell remnants, bullet casings, silk strings and waste paper. Each piece is 100 percent eco-friendly and stunning and handmade by artisans from Cambodia.

One of these pieces from the collection is made by Srey Oun. At the age of 33, she has survived one of the most brutal periods in Cambodia’s history and encountered a personal disaster. She was the victim of an acid attack in 1999, a common form of violence in Cambodia. Her marriage ended because of her being blind and she is now as single mother. She lives in a small town in rural Cambodia with her 4 years old daughter, Naomi, and her 78-year-old mother.

Until 2003, she was unemployed and had no means to support her family. Having a bit of knitting skills prior to the acid attack, she turned to these skills as a form of income, and learned to make various types of handicrafts such as bags, cushion covers, and hand-knitted bracelets. Through a co-op in Cambodia that is dedicated to making a change in the lives of home-based producers and also has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, she is producing and marketing her crafts in the global market. By following fair trade practices, this co-op is making sure that she has regular work, receives fair wages, and has future stability for herself and her family.

Black Cord Bracelet; photo courtesy of Shopanthropic

Black Cord Bracelet; photo courtesy of Shopanthropic

She makes the Black Cord Bracelet. Its unisex and each is just $10.

So even if you don’t have the time and funds to travel to Mexico or Italy for a Valentine’s Day escape this, there are plenty of other great ways to show someone you love him or her. And if purchasing something meaningful is the plan, why not consider a fair trade gift from Shopanthropic?

What are your Valentine’s Day plans this year?

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