Chocolate Festival Brings Exotic Tastes to Jade Mountain, St Lucia

Chocolate Truffles at Jade Mountain in St Lucia

Chocolate Truffles at Jade Mountain in St Lucia

Famed for its outstanding natural beauty and wealth of organic, tropical flavors, St Lucia is home to some of the Caribbean’s most bountiful cacao plantations. Cacao’s history in St. Lucia dates back to the 1700’s. Its cacao trees, over 1,000 strong, are established in both Anse Mamin Plantation and in Emerald Estate. Farmers have been harvesting and producing these cacao beans for generations.

Now the rich history of cacao will be brought to life through Jade Mountain’s annual Chocolate Festival to be held in October this year and led by James Beard award-winning Chef Allen Susser.

A Chocolate Festival Like No Other

Jade Mountain, St Lucia

Jade Mountain, St Lucia

With the aim of educating guests in the magical alchemy of chocolate making, Jade Mountain, a bold and architecturally significant resort property, will encourage guests to get up close and personal with the Bean to Bar organic single estate boutique chocolate maker. Susser has pioneered a signature intense chocolate taste with exotic tropical aromas. Their secret is authentically hand crafting small batches of its own cacao beans, slow roasted and stone ground.

The Chocolate Festival celebrates the harvest and heritage of the Anse Marmin Plantation and Emerald Estate: both producers of Jade Mountain Estate Grown Chocolate. Organic, handcrafted and sensuous, this chocolate is one of the prides of the resort and the new menu channels many of the signature tastes pioneered during the festival itself. It allows guests to enjoy the intricacies of this complex bean.

Ranging from fun, family friendly infusions of “Child’s Play,” to the more adventurous “Serious Chocolate” range for the seasoned aficionado, guests will be able to experience first-hand the delicious delights of St Lucia’s sweetest. Jade Mountain has even produced a guide to chocolate tasting so that guests can make the most of these tasty treasures:

  • Observe its appearance
    Observe its color and remember that color is not equal to dark chocolate flavour.
  • Perceive its aroma
    Break a small piece of chocolate with one hand and rub the sample with your fingertip. With your other hand, cup the sample over your mouth and nose and smell.
  • Listen to its breaking sound
    A clear dry snap sound will reveal the chocolate has been properly aged.
  • Experience its taste.  Feel its texture
    Break a small piece of chocolate with your front teeth. Allow the sample to rest on your tongue and melt as flavors emerge separately. Note their evolution: flavors upon impact and flavors that increase with enjoyment.

What can guests expect during the Annual Chocolate Festival?

How Chocolate is Made
The Estate is a Cacao Plantation dating back three generations. It also serves as the organic farm that supplies all the fruits and vegetables for the Jade Cuisine served at the Jade Mountain Club. At the farm guests will go through the production of cacao beans including pod picking, fermenting, drying rails and then a discussion on the alchemy of making chocolate. Chocolate lovers will experience the local chocolate tradition of St Lucian Chocolate Tea.

Participate Chef Allen’s Alchemy of Chocolate Class
A live interactive cooking demonstration. Guests will learn the deep dark sweet secrets of making truffles, with plenty of extras to share.

Enjoy a Decadent Chocolate Dinner
Chef Allen has personally created a menu with chocolate as its back bone for inspiration. The most important aspect of creating food is using quality ingredients including our own chocolate. Additionally, a matching wine pairing has been carefully selected to compliment each flavor as an optional supplement.

Discover Chocolate – interactive cooking class
Executive Chef Jonathan Dearden will teach his trade secrets of how he blends chocolate with tropical and savory flavors.

Chocolate is one of my weaknesses. Not only enjoying its taste and texture, but its history and ability to be such a versatile ingredient in many dishes. What’s your favorite way to enjoy chocolate?

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