LUXE City Guides Launches Asian Grand Tour Box

LUXE City Guides Launches Ansian Grand Tour Box

LUXE City Guides Launches Ansian Grand Tour Box

As the Year of the Dragon draws to a close and we prepare to welcome the Year of The Snake, LUXE City Guides launches the brand new Asian Grand Tour Box in honor of this celebration. Featuring two of the Chinese zodiac’s strongest symbols ­- the powerful dragon and wise snake swirl in bold, matt carbon black lacquer over a glossy, scarlet peony background complete with red velvet flocked LUXE logo and the Chinese seal for longevity on the back.

The Asian Grand Tour Box gives one access to eight of popular cities in Asia with the latest collection of LUXE City Guides to Bali, Bangkok, Beijing, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo.

For those who have seen the LUXE City Guides, you’re familiar with the concept: take no prisoners attitude with its sharp and short reviews help a traveler get the to the heart of a city. All, of course, in a gorgeous, coffee table-worthy super-svelte format which makes it all the more exciting when you’re using it as you jet set from city to city.

Don’t let the name and appearance fool you, though. The contents are hard core and its reviews run alongside helpful information on where to stay, where to go, where to eat but having a ton of fun doing it, too, from those who like to travel in luxury while also offering information discerning, value-conscious travelers. The information is collected from resident editors and contributors who know the cities well and are curated so you go out and enjoy the city rather than reading a guide book the whole time.

The Asian Grand Tour Box was developed in time for the most important of Chinese celebrations, the Chinese New Year (which lands on February 10 this year) and currently available exclusively online. Retailers will see the set later this spring.

What are your favorite guidebooks to use on your travels?


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