Cyprus Infographic ~ One in 10 people Can Identify Cyprus on a Map

Cyprus Facts infographic courtesy of

Cyprus Facts infographic courtesy of

When I tell people that my family is from Cyprus, most of them bend their neck and try to remember if they know where the country s is on a map (wait, is it a country?). As this infographic claims, one in 10 people can identify the country on a map. I’d go as far as saying most people don’t even know it’s a country based on my experience but one in 10 sounds about right in terms of correctly placing it on a map. Commonly people think the country is part of Greece since Cyrpriots can speak the language.

I don’t mind that people can’t immediately place it. It’s fun to tell people the country exists and why it’s a beautiful place to visit. It reminds understand that the world is large and there are so many places to explore ~ places they didn’t even know exist and thrive. Personally, I can’t wait to return to Cyprus in a couple of months to race in the Tour of Cyprus and do some running and hiking as well as eating the yummy fresh halloumi cheese and drinking its famous Commandaria wine.

What places did you recently learn about that now makes you want to visit?


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