Naperville Bites and Sites Features Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour

Tasting local cuisine and going off the beaten path is part of the experience whenever one visits a new city but how do you know where to go or where to dine? Find a local. Easier said than done, right? Actually, many cities and towns ar

Mosaic in downtown Naperville

Mosaic in downtown Naperville

e taking notice that visitors want to do more than scratch the surface when they visit and are rolling out the red carpet so visitors (and even locals) get the true flavors of its towns.

Naperville is a city about an hour west of Chicago steeped in history and we headed in that direction today for a visit to the DuPage Children’s Museum. If you have young kids, definitely check out the interactive, two-floor museum. Read about our experience at the museum and watch my daughter “figuring it out” at the AWEsome Electricity station.

After our museum, we headed to downtown Naperville because a friend highly recommended we visit Anderson’s Bookshop. It was as we were leaving the bookstore that I came across a small brochure from Naperville Bites and Sites.

The Naperville Bites and Sites brochure features information about a three hour walk that promises to take its walkers around downtown Naperville and its Riverwalk tasting delicious food from specialty food stores and unique and authentic family-run restaurants as well as learn more about the historic town from a cultural perspective.

Naperville Food Tour teaches how to properly brew tea as part of 3 hour tour

Naperville Food Tour teaches how to properly brew tea as part of 3 hour tourultural perspective.

The itinerary is ambitious but fun-filled.

Among the path, walkers will be treated to:

  • A family’s 100-year-old meat market and deli
  • Learn who made the “Davenport” and where it was made
  • Find out what a Snugg is
  • Discover what John Madden drank
  • Uncover the proper way to brew tea
  • And lean what fast food and the multi-mixer have in common

From a cultural perspective, they will:

  • See hidden works of art, sculptures and murals throughout the area
  • Enjoying the charming streets and historic architecture from the 1800’s
  • Discover fun facts on the rich history of Naperville

Tours are not year-round so we’ll have to wait until March for when they resume to enjoy one. Tours run from early March through early December but tickets are available now and the site encourages early purchase because tours often sell out. You’ve been warned.

Does your community offer a food and cultural walking tour? Share in the comments and let others learn more about your community, too!


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