Tour of Cyprus Bicycling part of 2013’s Adventures

Tour of Cyprus bicycling competition

Tour of Cyprus bicycling competition

Bicycling is a great way to see a new city. Whether it’s Madison, Ann Arbor, Tuscany or…Cyprus?

Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea that lies at the crossroads of three continents. It sits east of Greece, south of Turkey, west of Syria, Lebanon, northwest of Israel and north of Egypt. It seems the sun is always shining and there is no shortage of great, fresh food.

My family is from the tiny and beautiful island and we ended up in the United States for various reasons. I’ve been to the country several times visiting family, seeing the sights (I think we’ve been to every single monastery on the island.) and letting the warmth of the sun hit my skin as I walked on the warm sand and enjoyed the amazing sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea. There is a reason so many Europeans flock to Cyprus during the warm summer months – the beaches of Cyprus are really a place to have fun for both families and adults.

This time, though, I’m traveling with my husband as a result of a Tweet I saw on December 28. We were about to book a bicycling tour in Tuscany when the tweet about a cycling tour in Cyprus intrigued. Quickly, I checked it out and realized it’s a real cycling competition. Plans to visit Tuscany will have to wait. December 31, 2012, I booked us on a flight to Cyprus in late March so we could do the Tour of Cyprus bicycling competition!

I’m not a big resolution maker, preferring to just enjoy life as it comes. But I do want 2013 to be the year of experiences. Travel experiences, adventures, journeys. New places to discover, new things to do.

Wandering Tastes was created to feature those experiences, share them with you and encourage you to share your experiences with us, too.

What adventures await you this year?


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