Christmas Meals Around the World

Meals Around the World ~ Accurate or Strange?

Meals Around the World ~ Accurate or Strange?

It’s no surprise that, regardless of the holiday, it’s usually centered around food or drink. Why? We enjoy spending time with each other, laughing, sharing, discussing, debating. Food binds us together like very few things do. In a world often in chaos and uncertainty, food (and music, and art) is among those simple things we gravitate to and look forward to because it’s something we all have in common: love for food. For many families, the Christmas meal is among the most important meal of the year. Yes, there is the food element but I suspect people enjoy the time spent with family and friends just as much as the meal they will consume.

A friend shared this infographic featuring Holiday Meals Around the World and it features typical meals enjoyed in countries from Australia to Slovakia and Zimbabwe. Ox, anyone? What I find funny about this infographic are the comments from those who viewed the infographic and don’t recognize components of the meal that is supposed to represent their country. The Canadians, in particular, are puzzled by the Raison Pudding. In their defense, the dark brown glob on their country’s plate is an odd visual.

As someone who lives in the United States, I suppose many of my neighbors will be feasting on turkey, gravy, potatoes and stuffing although you won’t really see much of that on my family’s Christmas table. Rather, since the U.S.A. is quite the melting pot, I suspect many of us will be enjoying cuisines of our homeland as yet another way to bring us closer to one another and give a nod to where we’ve come.

Then again, I saw these Christmas Recipes from Around the World piece in Saveur magazine and I’m drooling. Yule Log Cake with Coffee Buttercream and Ganache (that would be a French dessert)? I usually don’t care for fruits in my desserts (I love my chocolate!) but the Baked Walnut-Stuffed Apple with White Wine might convince me to bend my rules (this recipe is from our German friends).

What is our your holiday plate or  your favorite dish, the one you most look forward to enjoying with your friends and families over the holidays?

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