Paperblanks 2013 Day Planner ~ A Love Affair

Foiled Grande Dayplanner - Paperblanks

Foiled Grande Dayplanner – Paperblanks

Textures and colors have always appealed to my senses. One of the reasons Paperblanks® journals have had a place in my life is because you feel transformed into another world when you touch the covers, feeling the raised designs, taking in the rich colors and wondering where in the world the design originated or was influenced.

According to Paperblanks, it draws its inspiration from world art and culture. But, don’t be fooled. For the company, being a Global Citizen is part of its DNA and every year the company and its publisher, Hartley & Marks, contribute to a diverse range of social programs and agencies that each, in their own way, help improve our planet.

Unlike some companies that just donate money to causes to show it’s a social responsible company, Paperblanks goes farther and works on projects and with organizations that produce tangible results at the community level, particularly in the areas of education, literacy, health and social services in countries such as Nepal and Tanzania. It works with organizations small and large including a Bangladesh nursing project and Doctors without Borders.

Paperblanks feels that engaging in the arts is a powerful means by which people can enrich their daily lives, become inspired by new ideas and collaborate with people from cultures other than their own.

As a result, it offers financial assistance to students looking to advance their artistic studies abroad. Financial support ranges from $500 Canadian dollars to $5,000 Canadian dollars for individuals in financial need who wish to pursue their passion for literature, design, music or dance in another country.

When I learned it was now offering Dayplanners, I wondered – could Paperblanks be my new day to day planner of choice? It’s my never-ending quest, year after year, to find a calendar / planner that is both beautiful and functional. It needs to be large enough to be able to write detailed information yet light and small enough to fit into my bag when I visit with clients or travel. Planners that offer a full day in review don’t work because they tend to be bulky in size (there are 365 days, after all).

Karakusa Maxi Day Planner

Karakusa Maxi Day Planner

Paperblanks sent me two versions to give a whirl and see for myself. Opening up the box was like opening up a gift. Elegantly wrapped in white tissue, I lifted the Week-at-a-Time Karakusa maxi planner. Karakusa is Japanese and means foreign plant or winding plant and, true to its name, the pattern consists of various spirals which take their shape from vines and other plants.

Next up was the Foiled Grande week-at-a-time. At 11.75 x 8.25 inches in size, it feels and looks like a book. It’s not particularly thicker than the Maxi (which is 5.5 x 8.25 inches in size) but it definitely is heavier since it’s larger in size.

One of the things that both of the planners have, which I love (and, for some reason, is becoming extinct among day planner designers), is the month in review in addition to the week-at-a-time. Since I work with deadlines and schedules, it’s great to be able to add those things on a calendar so you can see things at a glance and not just by week.


Interior Pages

Paperblanks had stolen my heart with its bound journals and I’m quickly counting the last days of 2012 so I can use my 2013 day planner. And, in case you’re wondering, I will be using the Foiled Grande. Although it’s a bit heavier than the Maxi planner, it stores nicely in my bag as a book and lies well on my desk, too. It does take up more space but I can write more detailed info because it’s larger and that makes me happy.

My love affair with Paperblanks continues. And now I can enjoy their beautiful books daily with my 2013 day planner.

2 thoughts on “Paperblanks 2013 Day Planner ~ A Love Affair

  1. paperblanks, Thank GOD (or SPIRIT) for their existence. So good in UK the first copycat brands are emerging. But nothing can beat the skill (old and new techniques) and the esthetic input in these little paper treasures.

    • They really are beautiful and they certainly are the kind of items you’re happy to keep on your shelves long after you’ve used them because they are pieces of art. Thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts, Anne!

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