Lay-n-Go Great for Traveling with Little Pieces

Traveling with little kids who like to play with little things can pose a challenge when you’re trying not to lose things (or forget them somewhere). My little ones love playing with Legos and, I swear, I think they multiple overnight because I find little pieces all over our home. But, I love to encourage this type of play because it allows my kids to use their imagination to build things.

In the past, when we’ve traveled, I put those little pieces in ziploc-type bags so as not to lose them. This is a great alternative but doesn’t help when I’m in a hotel room and they are strewn all over the room. I still have to gather them and hope we don’t forget any pieces! This is one of the reasons when asked to review the Lay-n-Go organizer, I was intrigued. Could this really help us organize our tiny messes?

I’ll admit, as a writer I’m often asked to review things that I think will make our travel lives easier. While most are good options for many families, I can honestly say I really like this product and can’t think of a situation where the Lay-n-Go system wouldn’t work even after your kids outgrow their Lego love. Here is why:

1) The Lay-n-Go works because of it’s simplicity. It’s one of those things that you smack yourself on the forehead and think, “why didn’t I think of that?”

2) I’ve taught my kids to use it ~ they now play when the pad is laid out and when they are done, they can easily pull the drawstring to close their bag. Contents secure. Which means basically one thing for them: their pieces will be there when they come back!

3) As you can see from my before and after pictures here, it has a shelf life even after your peanuts have moved on from the tiny pieces. For example, our kitchen counter is a magnet for wayward toys (as shown here). We don’t mind the kids playing at the kitchen counter while meals are prepared because we can watch them, they can interact with us and they are out of harm’s way (ie a warm stove or the flames from the stovetop). In fact, we encourage them to play in the kitchen area except when we have to pick up stuffed animals, notebooks and a host of little pieces simply because they get distracted and leave those things behind. This is where the Lay-n-Go’s shelf life extends. What we now have done is put it on the kitchen counter and all toys on the counter get placed there when the kids leave the counter for any reason. Because it’s so easy to open and close, and the kids can do it themselves, they’ve actually begun doing exactly that! They come to the counter, open up their Lay-n-Go, play for a bit and when they are done, strap is pulled and the baggie is set aside for next time.

Shown here is the Lay-n-Go Lite but the original Lay-n-Go is five feet in diameter (yea, I need one of those). The company also produces the Lay-n-Go Cosmo which is ideal for cosmetics (another great travel option). The company is currently running a sweeps on Facebook so if you’d like to try to win a free “Giveaway Pack”, click here. Among the prizes include Lay-n-Go items, LEGO bricks and a Sephora gift card.

Lay-n-Go also provided me with a complimentary Lay-n-Go LITE to give away. To enter, simply include a comment below and tell us what you wish you could gather in one area that will make your life easier. I would love to find a solution to the tops of those tupperware-y type of containers! A winner will be chosen at random and announced in the Comments Section on Tuesday, December 4 (perfect timing for holiday gift giving!). Giveaway is only open to United States residents.

Good luck!


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